Younis Khan to auction his bat for TCF

Internationally acclaimed cricketer and former captain of Pakistan’s national cricket team, Younis Khan, paid a visit to TCF’s Sirhindi Goth in Steel Town, Karachi to engage with the students and observe the campus and educational facilities being provided by TCF.

Having scored over 9,000 runs, Khan holds the record as Pakistan’s highest scorer in Test cricket, and is set to soon cross the 10, 000 run mark. In doing so, Younis Khan would be joining the elite club of select cricketers who have achieved or crossed this target. He intends to reach this milestone during the upcoming cricket season in which Pakistan would be playing against West Indies and then later with New Zealand and Australia.

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The star player has announced that he would be auctioning the bat he would use to reach his 10,000 milestone and would be donating the proceeds to TCF. Mingling with the students, Younis Khan highlighted the importance of both education and service for humanity. In his message to the students, Khan said, ‘Work hard and always respect your teachers as your education will take you far in life. As you achieve more in life, never forget others around you and always help those in need, in whatever manner you can’. He further said that Sporting activity is equally important for a balanced and healthy life. Speaking to senior management of TCF present on campus, Mr. Khan reiterated his commitment towards TCF and lauded the Foundation’s efforts to transform the education landscape of Pakistan.

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