Building the Ladder to Success

By Tehmina Qureshi

Under the Alumni Development Programme, TCF alumni are teaming up with spirited volunteers to create unprecedented opportunities for the TCF students following in their footsteps. In doing so, they demonstrate the promise and possibilities of the TCF movement.

More often than not, the road to success depends on knowing …Read More

A Bountiful Harvest

By Zia Akhter Abbas

Like ancient ruins re-inhabited by its erstwhile settlers, awakened from their slumber, the Government Primary School in Theh Rosa is abuzz with the sounds of excited children and teachers intent on making up for lost time.

Deep in the heart of Tehsil Kot Radha Kishan, District Kasur, …Read More

Message from the CEO

‘This was a year of consolidation for TCF, after taking over the operations of 271 Government Schools last year over just 5 months. As our school network is growing year by year, our focus remains on continuous improvement and innovation to provide the best quality education that we can to …Read More

Directors’ Report

At TCF, we firmly believe transparency is a key ingredient in maximising our impact because it strengthens relationships with supporters and leads to more opportunities for collaboration.

The Directors of The Citizens Foundation have the pleasure of submitting their Report with the Financial Statements of the Foundation for the year ended …Read More

Review Report by the Chairman

‘TCF is driven to implement good governance practices. As the Chairman of the Board, I want to ensure that the organisation is being managed effectively, in a way that helps it to achieve its objectives whilst also safeguarding the integrity of the organisation and the interests of its stakeholders.’
It gives …Read More

Breaking the Socioeconomic Divide through Education

by Usman Mujtaba

TCF Alumni Development Programme (ADP) is a volunteer programme initiated in 2014 by TCF alumni and other students enrolled at some of Pakistan’s best colleges and universities. They wanted to help other TCF graduates get admission into the top universities in Pakistan, particularly by helping them prepare for …Read More

Mufti Ibrahim Essa is a renowned and trusted Shariah Advisor to many premier institutions. Over the course of 11 years, he completed a ‘Dars-e-Nizami’ course followed by a degree in ‘Takhassus-fil-Iftah’, from Dar-ul-Uloom, Karachi, where he studied under the supervision of well-known scholars such as Mufti M. Taqi Usmani and …Read More