All TCF schools are established in purpose-built premises, designed by reputed architects; M/s. Arshad Shahid Abdulla in Karachi and M/s. Republic Engineering in Lahore. School buildings are equipped with airy and fully furnished classrooms, an administrative block, a play area, library, computer labs and science labs, an art room and all essential facilities to provide students with a stimulating learning environment..

TCF school units are established in urban slums and rural areas in 109 towns and cities across Pakistan and Azad Jammu & Kashmir with a balanced gender ratio; close to 50% female students. TCF has created 12,500 jobs of which 8,900 are female faculty positions.

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With a population reaching 200 million, Pakistan is the sixth largest population in the world which concludes to us representing a significant portion of the world population. Today, only half of the entire population is provided formal education and the situation is far from getting any better. By official estimates, Pakistan has one the highest illiteracy rates in the region with over 47%, males and an astonishing 72% for women.

3 out of 10 children in Pakistan do not have access to primary schools, and of those who do, 38% attend ones which do not have a boundary wall, 40% do not have usable water and 50% do not have toilets. The situation is devastating and the implications stretch far beyond the citizens of Pakistan. 

​TCF Australia has been established to create awareness of projects that are being executed in order to improve the level of education for the children in Pakistan.We aim to get Australia working for educating the children in South-east Asia and further expand the growing network of institutes across Pakistan. Our goal is to represent Pakistan in the Australian business and local communities as a country with untapped potential for the global economy. 

MAKING A Difference