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The Citizens Foundation recognizes that the employees are its most important resource. We are committed to training and developing the entire workforce, particularly school staff. It reflects the commitment of TCF to impart quality education.
TCF training programs have a two-pronged approach. The Training team rigorously works with school heads to empower them by developing their leadership and management skills. Concurrently, there are intensive sessions for the teachers ranging from content support across subjects, pedagogical approaches and assessment methods to early childhood education, character building and critical thinking.

Pre-Service Training (PRESET)

New teachers at TCF go through a mandatory pre-service training. They are initially given a self-study pack, while the Principal supports them by providing on-the-job training and constructive feedback. Later on, they are required to participate in a direct-interaction module.

In-Service Training (INSET)

A rigorous annual training program is organized every year in the summers for TCF teachers. This program focuses on both content-specific training and general pedagogical training. In training cycle 2011-12, 5964 teachers went through In-Service Training

Principals Academy

TCF has a Principal's Academy with a rigorous program, serves to establish the school Principal’s role as both the instructional leader and administrator of her school. In 2011-12 514 principals were trained at the Principals Academy.

Training of Trainers

The training executed by selected master trainers from schools, who go through a comprehensive Training of Trainer (TOT) program. This equips them to successfully impart ideas and share experiences during PRESET and INSET. 
The training modules combine themes emerging from needs analysis in teaching and learning, and those being highlighted in educational researches and trends. To ensure high standards of these manuals, the training team regularly participates in workshops and seminars, apart from researching and self-learning.
In training cycle 2011-12, 5964 teachers went through In-Service Training and 514 principals were trained in Principals Academy

TCF australia projects 

TCF Australian chapter had set itself a humble goal to support a standard primary school in the year 2014. Since the inception in November 2013, TCF has been allocating the funds to a primary school unit in Rajanpur; a remote area in Punjab where inhabitants are mostly farmers and in 2015 also initiated funding for a second primary unit, Muhammad Idrees Campus in Karachi, Sindh

The operational cost for running the primary unit for a period of 1 year is estimated at 30,000 AUD and with the contributions from our generous donors, we have achieved the said targets. This would not have been possible without our supporters. Today, we are prepared and have ambitions to undertake new projects and extending our support to more children in Pakistan.


A Standard TCF Primary School 

A total covered area of 6,000 – 6,500 square feet

6 classrooms

Student capacity of 180


A total covered area of 15,000 – 16,000 square feet

10 classrooms

Student capacity of 360

Well-equipped physics, chemistry, biology and computer laboratories

We encourage all donors and supporters to visit TCF schools in Pakistan

           SUKH CHAYN CAMPUS, PUNJAB                                                       MUHAMMAD IDREES CAMPUS, KARACHI     

Projects by TCF Pakistan