Asima baig ali khan

Asima Baig Ali Khan is the financial controller for a large group of investment companies here in Australia. She is a supporter of many charitable causes and will be managing the accounts for TCF - Australia.
Asima is an ardent and enthusiastic team player who is passionate about children and education . She can often be seen assisting everyone on our events team and participating wholeheartedly in fund raising activities for TCF. Asima serves as a Treasurer for TCF.

Dr. Aila khan

Dr Aila Khan, a lecturer-researcher has observed first-hand how educational opportunities transform lives. Sixty per cent of Aila’s undergraduate students are first in their family to go to a university. Working in Western Sydney – a region often characterised as being Sydney’s most disadvantaged –  Aila has seen many success stories. Amongst the many inspirational stories, Aila’s favourite is (refugee-student) Deng Adut’s. Aila believes there is no reason why a child in Pakistan cannot do the same. She would like to play her role in providing resources to children in Pakistan.

Dr. Sayeed Khan completed his medical degree from Dow Medical College Karachi and migrated to Australia in 1986. He currently owns and operates the Multi-disciplinary medical facility All Care Carnes Hill Medical Centre in the South-West of Sydney, and is a General Practitioner at Allcare Medical Centre at Hammond Ville. Dr. Khan has always been passionate about community work and furthering the cause of education & health in Australia & Pakistan. Dr. Khan is a conjoint lecturer at the University of Western Sydney. He currently serves as the President of the Australia Pakistan Medical Association and is a Board Director in several organisations, including South Western Medicare Local (Primary Care Organisation), GPSynergy (General Practice Teaching Organisation) & Australian Medical Cooperative. 

Amber Khan , a bio-medical engineer by profession, has been an avid supporter of TCF for many years , working as part of their volunteer network in Pakistan and in Australia. Amber has a strong belief in education for all and is an integral part of the TCF events committee here in Australia. Her commitment to the cause and her innate enthusiasm have led to many successful fundraising efforts.


​​​​Meesha has roots in rural Pakistan where she has witnessed the scarcity of infrastructure and the impact it has on the local communities. Following the completion of her post graduate masters and few year in a multi-national organisation, she shifted focus towards teaching and volunteering with several non-profits in Pakistan and Middle East. With a passion for children, a vision for emancipating the women of Pakistan and unfettered optimism, Meesha has been pivotal to establishing TCF Australia and serves as a Co-Founder and Chairperson

Help us build our Future 

Danial is the Founder of TCF Educating Children in Australia. He brings a solid background in business development, operations and Marketing to the Citizens Foundation. He believes that the children of Pakistan are the silhouette of the future global economy and the education crisis in Pakistan will soon be declared a global emergency if not addressed by charities such as TCF. 

SHaring our vision and passion!

TCF Educating Children is passionate about involving the community from all facets and to realise this goal, we have established an executive committee that has an advisory function and a strong events support team that draws into the community and their passion to be a integral part of our success. We have been fortunate to have some of the most influential community members as part of this committee. 

the citizens foundation is represented by ashurst australia 

Ashurst is a leading international law firm advising corporates, financial institutions and governments, with core businesses in corporate, finance, dispute resolution, and the development and financing of assets in the energy, resources and infrastructure sectors. In November 2013, Ashurst LLP and Ashurst Australia (formerly Blake Dawson) merged to form one global team.


Zainab Faraaj, an MBA and a full time student of Professional Counselling volunteers with TCF, juggling studies, work and two kids but yet, is always available to lend a helping hand with all fundraising activities.. Zainab believes strongly that quality education is the key to help children break free of the chains of poverty and deprivation, and is a means to ending the devastating effects a life lived in poverty can have on an individual.



Sanam Thariani is a resourceful and goal-driven professional educator with a solid commitment to the social and academic growth and development of children in Pakistan. Administrator / co-owner of Kids & Co Play school and Preschool in Karachi, she is the pioneer of the first learning and play based activity club for children in Pakistan. Sanam believes that the key to bringing about a positive change in Pakistan is to improve literacy rates and impart quality education, without compromise and with complete accessibility to all. Sanam serves as a President and Public Officer for TCF.


Saliha is a consciousness and passionate filmmaker. She strongly believes that education is the key to not just make these children useful individuals in the society but also heal and renew them so they can overcome the trauma of such depravity and torment. In the last few years, Saliha has also been involved in filming the stories of flood victims during the Floods in Pakistan and raising charity in Australia for the victims. Her award wining short film “Zarmina, A story of Hope” also highlights the aspect that educating the girls/women especially can bring about Peace. Having been educated both in Pakistan and Australia, gives Saliha an insight into the education system on both sides.