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Financial reports 

Financial transparency is important to us, and to our donors. TCF Educating Children's financial statements for each year will be audited independently and in compliance with the NSW Fair Trading and Australian Tax Authorities. Our Financial Reports are available to all those who would like a copy. Please contact us at


The Board of Directors and staff of TCF Educating children are committed to financial transparency and accountability. Our accounts will be audited at the end of the financial year by an independent accounting entity and all executed agreements with TCF Pakistan will be reported through their Annual Financial statements. 

We encourage all donors and supporters to visit TCF schools in Pakistan and to meet with our management teams. Our schools are visited by scores of TCF donors, supporters, independent media and other observers.

Donors who fund the construction of a school are provided a detailed proposal including the cost and timeline for the project one the agreements are in place. Periodic updates with pictures are provided to donors to show progress of the project. Additionally, donors who fund the construction or operating costs of a school, are provided annual school progress reports.

We invite you to contact us for additional information or questions at